>>>ABOUT US<<<

Hey! We're LJ & Luke and we much prefer being behind the camera than in front of it. We got married in July 2012 in Ballymena, Northern Ireland (LJ's hometown).  We now live in Newport, South Wales (Luke's hometown).  We love to travel and go to places we've never been before, so much so that we've put it at the top of our bucket list.  We love our local church, discovering new cafes, cooking outside, hanging out with our friends (we've been blessed with some awesome friends), all kinds of adventures and laughing till we weep.


LJ according to Luke

What can I say about my wife? I could say she is gorgeous, funny, intelligent, creative, caring, my best friend and many other overused cliches - all of which are true - but the best way I can describe LJ is through one word; daft! She's just so silly in the best possible way and it has really helped her to develop her craft. By not taking herself too seriously she can encourage people to let their guards down and show the real them, allowing LJ to capture some truly beautiful moments. On top of that, her background in Fashion & Advertising Photography helps her to approach weddings in a truly unique way.

But let me clear, LJ's the boss; without question! And rightly so as she is without a doubt the brains of the operation. Ever since she decided to start her own business I have been so impressed by the way she can have such a subtle, artistic way of viewing the world, and yet a keen business mind, allowing her to build something wonderful, from virtually nothing. 

Simply put, she kicks ass!

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Luke according to LJ

Luke is crazy, like seriously, crazy. I worry for him (not really). Honestly, no ones makes me laugh as much as he does. His love for fun is infectious which is why I love photographing weddings with him. His sense of humour soon puts people at ease in front of the camera, helping to get those beautiful, natural shots. He's also pretty great at making videos.  Check out this gorgeous film he created during Dave + Roo's engagement photoshoot. His Masters in Magazine Journalism at Cardiff University not only gave him some mad story-telling skills, but also created a great foundation for building his photography and videography work. He also loves coffee and sleeping outside, sometimes at the same time.

Luke is one of the most caring and supportive people I know. Without him I wouldn't have had the courage to go from freelancing into full time self-employment. Anytime I thought that I couldn't make it work he always encouraged me to keep going and not give up. A huge part of being able to do what I love for a living is down to having this awesome guy by my side.