If you can help us tick off some items on our bucket list at your wedding we'll give you a discount. Win win!

>>> a destination abroad we've never been to before <<<

>>> outdoor wedding ceremony in the woods <<<

>>> city rooftop ceremony <<<

>>> an old steam fairground wedding <<<

>>> yurt in a field wedding <<<

>>> a non-traditional wedding dress // patterns & colours ftw! <<<

>>> a wedding in Paris <<<

>>> an intimate vineyard wedding <<<

>>> a rustic barn wedding (we want to see haybales!) // bonus points for tweed <<<

>>> a Scottish highlands wedding <<<

>>> a wedding in London <<<

>>> a heavily tattooed couple <<<

>>> a museum wedding <<<

>>> a disneyland wedding <<<


*Ones in bold have already been ticked off our list. If you think there's something fun and interesting we're missing off the list get in touch and we might just add it